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Comic Book Illustrations


Olivia Raye

Olivia raye White.png

Olivia Raye delivers fresh new content that is in high demand. Her style offers baby books 0-6 months of age, toddler books & books for 3 year olds to young adults. Olivia Raye dedicates her time to creating Wholesome and Clean content that is hard to find. 

Mystery Artist

Mystery Artist -1.png

Mystery Artist : Offering insane Graphix and superb storylines. Her work includes books with purpose, along with her line of baby shower gifts for for girls and boys.

Jasmin Rose

Jasmin Rose is a relatively new author. At only 17 years old she has completed her manuscript and brought it to be published on her own. 

Kennedy Wolf

Kennedy Wolf may have a deep southern draw but don't let that fool you, the man has talent. "Writing is something that just came to me one day" This was a quote from Kennedy when he was interviewed about his new Title. 

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